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We started as strangers.

I was just a girl. You were just a boy. With a mutual attraction.

Do you ever wonder, what if?

I wasn’t supposed to be there. That night. At that place where we met.

But I changed my mind. And when I walked in: there you were. As though under a spotlight under the smoke.

I was dressed too warm for the summer evening. Staring into your eyes.

Soon, we fell in love without thinking about a safety net. To catch us as the trickling summer switched to autumn.

But we wouldn’t have a winter. I switched us to off.

What if I hadn’t? Post-me, what if you never looked deeper into your soul? What if you never became who you are? What if?

What if I looked the other way that night? What if someone else caught my eye. Or I failed to see you?

What if we never met, and we stayed complete strangers?

Maybe that’s a what if that’s already been answered.