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Dear You,

I want to date your parents.


Because how they raised you reflects on them. They’re the reason for your silly, serious, impulsive or methodical nature. Frankly, I want to know what makes you tick.

I want to drive around the city with your parents. Think a James Corden, Carpool Karaoke-interview with Starbucks.

I want to hear about your childhood. Were you shy? An introvert or extrovert? Did you have habits? Rituals? What was the first sport you played as a child? Did you excel? If not, why? Where you a fair, bad or good student? Who was your childhood hero when you were three? What were your career aspirations at five, nine, fourteen and seventeen years old? But I want to speak to your parents separate. Because every parent sees different strengths in their children. Just as every child has a different relationship with each parent.

And, after that, I’d understand you better. Your reactions. Your fears. Your idiosyncrasies. I’d understand the person you strive to be because I spoke with the people who influenced your path.

So, I want to date your parents.

Because I want to date you.