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Dear Time,

I’ve heard you heal broken hearts.

Wounds. Cuts. Bumps and bruises. Sure, you might leave a scar, but that’s why there’s Vitamin E and aloe.
I’m trying, Time. I really am. But I feel I’m failing in the process. I’m failing myself. I feel I’m failing my family. My friends. Well, most are in the dark.

Time, I know one day it’ll be the end of the road. I don’t want to look back on this journey fighting my inner demons. Riddled with regret and missteps. Mistakes. And just plain stupidity.

I want to walk towards that big skating rink in the sky – journal and pen in one hand, skates in the other, demons long gone – with those regrets, missteps, mistakes and stupidity forgotten. Thinking about my successes and people who touched my life.

In other words, I just want what everyone else wants: happiness.

Because it’s time.