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Dear Life,

You aren’t complicated.

But we make you complicated. And we’re drowning in our self-made chaos.

A ship docks, but we’re hiding from the boat. Too afraid to say what’s on our mind. In theory, it’s simple. It’s easy. Sure, in theory.

And the moment passes, leaving words unspoken. Hanging on the wind. Burning on our tongues. Sliding down our cheeks.
Because we weren’t brave enough. Stupid pride? Terrified fear? Worried it’s too late? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Yes, we’re terrified. What’s ahead? Checking that Horoscope. Visit that neighbourhood fortune teller. Shake the Magic 8-Ball. Possible? Maybe? Doubtful? No.

When there’s something to say, just say it. Never let words go unspoken. Throw caution to the wind. Take a leap of faith.

Regret is holding onto unsaid feelings. Locking them inside. Ironically, we’re afraid of living. Choosing darkness over the light. Claiming the situation’s too complicated. Hell, we barely understand our emotions. Pondering if it’s fair to drag someone into our muddle?

So, we remain in our self-created chaos with a dash of complexity. Festering.

Until it’s really too late.