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You’re sorry.

Sorry for everything that caused me pain. Until you eventually gaslight me. You want to pretend the past didn’t happen. Let’s sweep it under the rug. Focus on the future.

Forget your lies, right? The cheating, deceiving – and hurt.

You used to be a man with integrity – or so I thought. You were loyal – or so I believed. And now, I question myself. I question everything.
Did you change? Or was I blind. Too f**king blind. Maybe your friends were right. Jokingly saying you were “out of my league.” Saying you weren’t good enough for me.

I truly though you deserved my love. Which I gave you, willingly.

But as time went on, you hid lie after lie. You deceived me with concocted tales pulled from the air. All the while, counting on that second, third, eighty-third chance.

Because I loved you. I still love you.

But I stopped liking you. And there’s a difference.

And for that, I’m sorry.