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Some people can’t win for losing.

According to a study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, virgins are shutout of the relationship scene.

In a story published on nymag.com, the Kinsey Institute questioned 5000 people – aged 18 to 76. It revealed, unless you’ve already “lost it” you’ll never lose it. Want weirder? Women in their 20s shunned virgins, preferring a men with experience. And weirder still, virgins said “um, no thanks” to dating other virgins.

So that’s why Monica squirmed when Richard from Friends proclaimed he only slept with two people – his ex-wife, and Monica.
Statistically, the average American loses their virginity at 18, and women have between seven and 13 partners. A man’s average is a low of 10 and high of 24.

Everyone has sex – or not – for different reasons and you shouldn’t be judged for them.

Some want the “just here for a good time, not a long time” sex. Or they’re a product of peer pressure. The “everyone’s doing it” syndrome. Or it’s physical attraction, heat of the moment, pure passion or curiosity. Or you’re legit super in love with each other.

Most waiters? Maybe they’re waiting for their one true love. Or it’s religious reasons. Or they’re too busy to date.

But why poo-poo virgins? Or low numbers? That’s like saying, “Well, I like the car with 21 kilometres, but this one with 150,000 clicks? The stereo system is bitchin’!”

I think it’s an assumption that virgins and people with a low number of partners are a dull roll in the hay. Women who prefer a man with “experience” might get the short end of the stick. Let’s say the guy had nine partners. Experience, check. However, were his partners satisfied? Or were they just another number in the guy’s so-called experience belt?

And just because a virgin is a virgin, doesn’t mean they aren’t a fast learner.

I’ll leave you with that thought.