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Dear You,

Yes, you. Reading this post.

How did you find this post? This blog. Me?

How did you walk through my door. Was it by accident? A spelling error? Seeking the wrong Tessa Ryan? Perusing Reddit?

Or per-chance, perhaps to dream, you were actually looking. For me. Searching high and low in Google and Bing until you found one of my posts. And our souls spoke for a mere second.

What drew you in? My words. My emotions. My failed relationships. My sadness of last year. Or my love of Adele, Taylor Swift and unicorns.

You’re not just a notch in my stats belt. Another insight gained. You’re a perk in my day. Whether you’re in the United States or Germany; the French Island of Mauritius or the United Arab Emirates. Mexico, Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Thailand or Botswana.

I pour my heart into the posts. Sometimes they’re light and airy. Sometimes they’re heavy and deep. Regardless, they’re bits and pieces of my life. And you know more about me than my own family.

And that’s strange and wonderful at the same time. Because I’m close with most of my family.

My trainswrecks. My “Dear X” letters. The “Once Upon A Time” fiveagy. These are very personal to me. And I needed to write about them. Is it fair? On a public platform? I struggle that part. While it’s my therapy, you may see it as an invasion of privacy.
If I’ve offended you, I’m sorry. Or maybe, no apology’s required.

Because maybe you can relate. You understand my heartache. The pain. Or you appreciate the struggles. The emotions. The tears.

You found this post, this blog, and I thank you for staying and reading. As I continue on my journey as the writer, I hope you’ll continue on the journey with me.

Even if you found this post by accident.