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True love conquers all.

You learned at a young age about the power of love. It’s strong. And it’s oh, so powerful. But, does it conquer all? Is it humanly possible? Or is true love just a concept? Man-made. Puffs of smoke. A lie?

At fifteen, seventeen, twenty-two, you fell head over heels. Madly in love. But, alas, these relationships ended. And not euphorically.

That so called true love ended. Pain seared your heart and penetrated your soul. You teetered on the brink of insanity. It destroyed your belief that true love exists. You thought true love fought through storms. Weathered bad times. Conquered all.

You grapple with the fact the fairy tale’s over. What seemed like an innocent rosebush was full of hidden thorns.

With time, your heart will slap on a bandage. But you’ll be left with scars. Whether you loved at fifteen, seventeen or twenty-two, recovering from heartbreak is a challenge. And you decide to never let anyone near your vulnerable heart.
I'm proud of my heart. It's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, and someone, it still works. You throw your energy into family, friends, fur-babies – and your ficus tree. You dote on them. Calling Kip and Summer, keeping in touch with Aunt Mabel, feeding Poochie, and fertilizing Fred.

But, those friends move away. Or you’ll lose touch. Your family will fight, argue and bicker over the petty and the pointless. So, you’ll distance yourself. Your precious fur-babies will develop a rare disease and die. You’ll forget to water that ficus tree, and it’ll whither.

And you’re alone. No cuddle-buddy. No Friday date-nights or Saturday Netflix-binges. No forehead kisses. No romantic strolls along the beaches of Maui (I hate Maui). And you realize if you loved at fifteen, seventeen and twenty-two, maybe you’re missing out at insert-age-here by shutting down so soon.

And you find someone who renews your faith in love. You realize true love does indeed fight through the storm and weather bad times.

And it does – indeed – conquer all.