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You failed.

That’s what you’re afraid people will say, aren’t you?

You didn’t try hard enough? Try harder. Dish out another chance. Little do they know you already feel like a caterer in a buffet line.

But you were not put on this earth to please others. Life is about happiness. Your happiness, with or without a partner. Not exhaustion. Not constantly forgiving or doling out batches of forgiveness a la carte. You deserve better.
trustYou’ll feel guilt. Believe things weren’t so bad. Maybe fixable. Repairable. You’ll consider that thirty-eighth chance. But you’re exhausted. And the act is finished. The curtain has dropped.

Your heart needs to mend. Meditate. Yoga. Jog. Avoiding dairy. Whatever it takes to find yourself again.

You’ll need a support system. Friends, family and music. Lots of music. And tissue. Load up on tissue.

Some days you’ll feel like that lonely kid on the teeter-totter. Have faith someone will jump on the other end. They’ll fill the gap in your heart. Whether it’s a friend or another love. Be comfortable with your solitude. Go to matinees. Eat alone in restaurants. Be the third wheel.

It’s going to be tough. You will question if you gave up. Could it have lasted? Was it so bad? You fought a good fight, so why not another round? Fight for the fairy tale, ever-lasting, sappy-love story.

You knew it was over. But you’re stubborn. And loyalty, trust and love? One out of three is sad.

The problem is some people’s integrity is a mask. A façade. They believe lying is acceptable. Cheating is forgiveable. Trust cannot be built from bricks made from deception.

You held someone to a standard. And they broke your trust. Time and time again. They failed.

So, you did not.