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You woke up, didn’t you?

To a new year. A new chapter with 365 pages to flip through.

Maybe you messaged your friends last night. Posted photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. “Burn in hell, 2016,” with a picture of a bonfire roasting a calendar. Or you in goofy 2017 glasses with “OMG, 2017! You’ll be the #BestYearEver!”
20725However, we don’t know if 2017 will be gentler, kinder or the #BestYearEver. Yes, we lost so much in 2016. Icons in music, acting, literature. Suffered profound personal loss in our communities. No, 2016 wasn’t kind. But we don’t have proof 2017 will be better.

However, we can look at the new year with renewed perspective and wide-eyed optimism.

You woke up to the new year. And, tomorrow, maybe you’ll wake up to it again. And – with luck – that trend will continue.

For each day, be grateful you wake up.

Because in 2016, too many didn’t.