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It’s that time of year again.

Engagement season.

According WeddingWire, 33 per cent of us will promise ’til death between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Facebook statistics indicate the most popular day is Christmas Eve. Cliché? Maybe. Some view an engagement as a new start. And after 2016? Ask away.
holiday-engagementsSome advice? If you’re going through the stress and expense of putting a ring on it, at the very least, put some planning into it.

Nix the Jumbotron proposal. Or pushing the ring box across the table. Or saying, “Hey, I think it’s time we get married.” Second. Worst. Story. Ever.

And for the love of God, don’t wait for her to exit the bathroom while teetering on bended knee. Absolutely. Worst. Story. Ever.

I’m not suggesting you fly to New York. Rent a carriage. Go to Central Park where awaiting carollers interject “Will You Marry Me” into “Silent Night.” Just make it memorable. Not that I’ve given any thought to proposals … at all.

Proposal story:

Years ago *Miranda, a friend from high school, called me.

“Hey! Meet *Stacia and I for lunch,” said Miranda. “I have some exciting news!”

At the restaurant, I gushed over Miranda’s custom-made engagement ring. It was amazing. Just like her proposal story.

Miranda and her beau were engineering students studying geology. During Christmas break, *David asked her to meet him at the university. When she entered the engineering building, she walked into a scavenger hunt. Her mission was to decode geology related clues, such as “What type of rock has … striations and stuff …”

Okay, obviously I’m not a geologist.

The last clue was about diamonds, and it led her down the hall to David – who was holding a rose and surrounded by candles

I admit, my eyes went misty. I’m a sucker for a love story.

People want to hear the engagement story. It’s right up there with how you met. However, you’re creating a proposal for your special person. Tailor it around their likes and dislikes. If people don’t like it, that’s fine. You’re not proposing to them.

And when you pop the question, don’t focus on the “what if this isn’t how they wanted me to propose.”

If they love you, they’ll say “yes.”

Jumbotron, or no Jumbotron.


*Names changed for privacy.