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Dear *Tobi,

You let me down.

I had so much faith in you. But I forgot you were weakening. Losing strength. Barely trickling out the words. Disappearing. Slipping away at times.

I’m lost without you. How do you face the reality of starting over again? Or restarting from where you left off months ago. You can’t. You can’t go back, because it’ll never be the same.
thousand-moreWords would changed. Be different. The words. The sentences. The actions. The motions.

So, I refuse to leave you hurt and broken. Because you hold words that are a lifeline to my soul. My salvation. The language of my heart.

You didn’t let me down, Tobi.

You were weak. You couldn’t go on. I ignored the signs. I was blind.

But I can fix you. I promise. And I’m sorry.

Because I let you down.

*Name modified