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I need music.

It’s my escape from the world. From the moment I wake until the second my head settles on the pillow, I have Spotify or iTunes blasting in my house.
songforthat-blog29I live in my head. Creating skating programs I’ll never perform. Situations that’ll never happen. Montages play out in my mind. Snippets of video. They send me to sleep. Then songs whirl around during the day as I write. It’s my therapy.

Which is all too necessary. Because the reality is I’m watching someone wither before my eyes. I’m baffled and confused, and it hurts to see them broken. Without medical logic for their pain.

So, I’m grateful for the Adeles, Taylor Swifts and even the Justin Biebers of the world. Because they create a safe haven when life seems hopeless. When all seems lost.

Sure, you can wear a brave face and reassure them, “It’ll be fine.” But inside, your gut is saying otherwise. And you’re dying inside.

While outside, the beat goes on.