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“That’s the life lesson, isn’t it? It gives us one person who both, shows us that true love exists and fairytales don’t.” Leo Christopher.

I protest, dear Leo.

I’m an utter romantic. And I believe true love and fairy tales exist.

I’ve been chasing boys since I was five. Romanticizing life since I discovered Barbie and Ken. So … five.

As a child, I watched Princess Diana’s wedding. The magical dress. The eight foot train. The ceremony. The massive cathedral. That was going to be my wedding. My true love and I were going to have that wedding.

Then my parents showed me the church where my aunt and uncle married. In my mind, it looked like a castle. With puffy silver tops. Where I imagined Cinderella must have married her Prince. And where I would marry mine, and we’d be whisked away in a horse drawn carriage. Driven by a man dressed in red serge.

But it was a Ukrainian Orthodox Church. And – at the time – I was a Jehovah’s Witness.
fairytale-fearSomehow walking down the drab runner of a Kingdom Hall didn’t appeal to me. I wanted a crimson aisle covered with ivory rose petals. And didn’t gushy puppy love conquered all? That’s what I learned from Grease 2 and Terms of Endearment as an elementary student. Okay, maybe Terms isn’t the best example.

As an adult, I still believe true love equals a fairy tale. But, you don’t simply find a Prince or Princess and live happily ever after. Close the book. As much as I’m a romantic, I have a realistic side. I fell in love with the glass slipper concept, but glass shatters. We don’t know the sequel to Cinderella. The struggles. Health issues. The death of the Fairy Godmother. Oh, no! Not the Fairy Godmother!

Stepping into the real world, no, you’re not Rapunzel trapped in a tower. You’re in your bedroom, and your date is late. You’re not Snow White waiting for Prince Charming for an awakening kiss. You’re waiting for that boyfriend to freakin’ kiss you.

But that date? They show up and whisk you away in a Firebird. You’re finally kissed at a ball – I mean, a huge party. And you feel the magic of true love. In that moment, the fairy tale does exist.

Sorry, Leo Christopher.

But I can’t give you this one.