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Dreams are underrated.

You dream every night. Whether you remember them or not.

Sometimes they’re mundane. You’re shopping. Petting a dog. Driving down a street.

Or they’re so vivid, it’s like the dream is playing out in real life. Or the person is right there. Whether they’re alive or not.

And you don’t want those dreams to end. Especially when the person is about to speak. Say something profound. But you wake up before they can. And you try to jump back into the dream, and now you’re dreaming about rescuing a porcupine.
dreams-more-oftenOr what if you can’t sleep?

The University of “They” has decided, somewhere out there, your soulmate is awake too. And you wonder whether that’s true, or are they promoting Nyquil. And if you’re dreaming about someone? “U of T” has determined that person is also dreaming about you. Beautiful or creepy, depending on who’s making a cameo.

If it’s beautiful, you’re semi-disappointed the dream’s over. Okay, you’re royally ticked the dream’s over.

And you wonder if the dream was a message? Was your subconscious trying to tell you something? The same thing you’ve been trying to come to terms with for years and years. But you continue to ignore those reel-to-reel pillow pictures.

Maybe you chalk the dream up to anxiety. Your body’s way of releasing stress.

Or you keep a dream journal, and you have a dream app. And everything points to “confusion,” “regret,” and “suppressed emotions.” You look back on your dreams, and there’s a common cameo appearance.
place-well-meetAnd since you can’t live on dreams – you go through the daily motions. The writing. The deadlines. The reporting. The fake smile.

And you look forward to sleep. Where you can shut off your exhausted mind. For seven hours. Six hours. Five hours.

Though it’s not guaranteed you won’t dream of that damn porcupine, you hope for the cameo appearance. Even if the person is thousands of kilometres away, you might see them in your dreams.

Whether they see you or not.