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Sometimes you can’t blog.

You sit at the computer all day. Listening to music for inspiration. Your head is full of thoughts and confusion. You can’t focus. It needs to be open. But the door is stuck.

Then it opens for a mere second. You spew out a blog. But it dwindles into a babble. Another letter? Not yet. So you hold “Dear Blah Blah” for another time. I’m just not feeling Taylor Swifty today. Defeat accepted.
i almost doBut I’ve been at my computer for eleven hours. I’ve written two complex blogs – and I have nothing to show for it but a smush of words on a screen. Nothing worth reading.

What would Taylor Swift do in this situation? Would she sit back with a Starbucks latte and wait for inspiration? Or write a draft and revise, revise, revise. Because I did that. It ain’t working, Tay Tay. I could’ve invested this time in editing rather than my blog.

However, I refuse to wave the white flag. Just like the relationships I held onto until I was forced to let go. Where I was finally out of the woods. Or left on a gravel road. Simpy tossed to the curb. Those cheerful sunset mutual endings. And single-handed slaying out of confusion.
So, my third blog post is a ramble about how I tried to write blogs.

Romance can really mess you up sometimes. Leave your mind a blank space. As you listen to music and are swept away into your wildest dreams.

Because you always go back to December.

And, sadly, you remember it all to well.