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Relationships are complicated. Even though you love them, and they love you, relationships can and will drive you to the brink of utter insanity.

Dollarphotoclub_76286710-e1423206683651Outside forces and distractions gnaw at your courtship. Digging, trying to bring your relationship to a horrible demise.

Distance. Religion. Age. Good ol ‘cheating.

All add up to a looming disaster.

Parents, siblings or friends will naturally nose into your couple-ship, even though the outcome doesn’t affect them. However, they care and don’t want you hurt.

You learn everyone’s concerns about your relationships. Or start to think about the looming list. And your mind starts spinning. Then panicking.

Instead of talking about couple-stuff, you bring up issues. And you “what-if.” And the relationship sours.
Dates turn into fights. Discussions become screaming matches. Long drives with only Bon Jovi blaring from the stereo.

The relationship transforms from a rose garden to a bed of thorns. You’re confused. They’re confused. Confusion doesn’t like company.

Some relationships are meant to end. Other aren’t, but they do and they remain an open book.

In pleasing others, someone else gets hurt. And it’s usually someone we love.

Who cares if your parents or siblings, or pastor or friends don’t think he/she’s the one. You’re the only one whose opinion counts. In the end, it’s your decision. Parents will learn to accept your choice. Friends move away and forget half the people you dated. Siblings are usually trying to one-up you.

Because the worst feeling is when you found the one – but someone called interference. And you let go.

Relationships are complicated.

And so is regret.