Dear You – Why Do I Serve You Secrets When You Don’t Deserve Them


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Dear You,

Why do I tell you everything? Guilt? Shame?

You didn’t deserve to know about him. But here comes the shame-train. Toot, toot.

You were not concerned about me. You were concerned about him. You’re concerned about someone else invading your turf. You don’t have turf for invasion. I am not yours.

We are not a “we.” We were never a “we.” A “we” is a team. And a game console of a different spelling. We are not together.

You told me to stop. End the madness. Why, why, what? Years later? And you’re trying to control me? You’re not involved in this matter.

Remember a few years ago. I was involved in our matter. While you kept her quiet for months. Without guilt. And your other indiscretions.

But I can’t keep someone quiet for less than four days. Because, “He said he’d be honest with me next time.”

Again, we are not together.

This was a chance to be vulnerable. To explore. To ponder. But I caved into my guilt and shame.

It was mine. Not yours. Maybe you know a tidbit of the tale. But you’ll never know the rest.

And I swear, you’ll never know how it ends.