Dear You – I’m Midnight And She’s The Sunrise


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Dear You,

She’s the one.

The one in your arms. Where you feel at home. Safe, loved, and warm.

She’s your sunrise. Your sunset. You bask in her glory. Her eyes and her charm. Longing for your day to end. Longing to spend time with her.

Not me.

Because my eyes and charm have withered. At high-noon, I ne’er cast a shadow. And I prefer the darkness of midnight. Longing to spend time together came at a price. A luxury. And I have lost my glory to share.
Your lips, your skin, your arms. Once they soothed my soul when I barely had a soul to soothe. When I didn’t have warmth to spare. Your arms were a temporary shield from fear at one time. But the past had its time.

She’s your future. Your person. She’s the one you love.

Because she’s your home.